Adventures With a Portrait

In May of 2009 my mom and I spent a week in Saint Petersburg. One day we went to Mikhailovsky castle where they have some exhibitions for the Russiam Museum and I saw this portrait:
Портрет Павла
Pavel’s portrait

It had such an impression on me that I completely forgot to look at the name of the person in the portrait or the artist who made it. On the last day of our stay there, we went to the museum once again. This time I went straight to the portrait and wrote down all the information they had. It was the portrait of Prince Pavel Stroganov. By the time I returned to Moscow I knew I had to embroider it. Here is where problems started – the quality of pictures I found on the internet was not satisfactory. I found one more portrait of the same person.


Другой портрет Павла
Pavel’s other portrait

Here the quality also wasn’t great. And then I found a company that specialises in copying art. Of course, they had a high-resolution photo of their product. And this was the picture I used while creating the design. I had to add the buttons that they painted over with a true artistic passion.

Портрет Павла - копия
Copy of Pavel’s portrait
After two months of hard work I arrived at this design:
Схема вышивки портрета Павла
My design
In the process of stitching, I found out that some colours the programme suggested using don’t exist and some other colours look different. Fortunately, all these changes were in the sky and Pavel didn’t suffer any major changes.
Результат вышивки портрета Павла
Stitched design
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