Needlepainting Over Painted Canvas.

Софи возвращается из города
Sophie returning from town

I “invented” this during one of the forum meet-ups. I traditionally organise something for kids to do. This time we were painting with special paints on fabric. For my picture I chose a frame from “When They Cry” with gates leading to a temple and copied it onto fabric. When the paint dried some of the elements were not as sharp and pronounced as others. So I thought: “It’d be a great idea to accensuate these elements with thread”.

Oh, no, that’s not right. A few weeks before that I saw flowers embroidered on fabric painted with watercolour in Mary Corbet’s blog. But I remembered about it just now. Probably I was supressing that memory. Who knows.

I didn’t spend much time thinking about what picture to do first. My favourite episode from “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Hayao Miyazaki – when Sophie is taking a tram home from town. Frankly speaking my favourite anime by Miyazaki is “Spirited Away”, but I don’t have a favourite episode.

Набросок на бумагеSketch on paper

I started with a pencil sketch on cardboard. Then I tried to transfer it to fabric, but soon realised that pencil lines are too light to be seen through fabric. Then I made all the lines bolder with a pen. This was much better.

Первые слои краски

For painting I use Derwent Artbars. They are very slow in work but that’s the way I like it. It makes you plan ahead and invest time into thinking how and in what order to paint the picture. For example it took me all of two hours to fill in the tram. One home hour was spent painting shadows in the town and another hour on different details – windows and chimneys.

Перед вышивкой
Before beginning to stitch
Подбор ниток
Choosing threads

And only after that did I pick up my needle and start stitching. It didn’t take any serous skill – just perserverance. Embroidering cartoon characters is simple – most of the time there are no colour mixing, you just fill in a certain area with colour. And make sure to keep the direction of stitching consistent.

С вышивкой, но без перил
Embroidered but without the handrail
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