Snowy Fairytale. forum introduced me to one of the multiple animation programmes on the market - Anime Studio Pro. It is interesting and multifunctional. I'm not using it anymore but all the cartoons that I have made so far are created using Anime Studio Pro.
My first creation is actually difficult to call a cartoon. It’s just an illustration to the music I really like (Pachelbel’s Canon performed by Trans-Siberian Orchestra). Everything in the cartoon is guided by the rythm of the music. And quite a lot of time had to pass before I could listen to it again. 
The background – is a rather simplified and styliesed view out of my kitchen window. Almost all the figures were found online. Then I turned them into white silhuettes and cut up into smaller shapes.
The only exception – is the snowman next to a fir-tree. I drew them myself and was very proud of it. At that point even copying outlines was a big problem for me. I had to open pictures with Gimp and trace them. 
The video turned out too slow and uneventful but the music is so beautiful!
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