Where Can I Doodle…

A wonderful site where you can try your hand at frame-by-frame animation for absolutely no cost. Obviously it doesn’t have the functionality of Flash or Anime Studio, but people manage to create impressive work there. Have a look!

http://multator.ru/toon/6iwjy6nenewe – run

http://multator.ru/toon/qwpeacd0l0mr – paper planes

http://multator.ru/toon/oxv3annbi3ci – one must disappear when it rains

http://multator.ru/toon/gi6sdoc7aupd – harvesting potatoes

http://multator.ru/toon/473tfanmg7w5 – magician

http://multator.ru/toon/nwjrfant5dn9 – palm

http://multator.ru/toon/0pshanesxq6h – feet by the wall

http://multator.ru/toon/vh0oyakiklot – I am Michael Jackson

http://multator.ru/toon/2epeaco939v9 – sphere

http://multator.ru/toon/qnbecredy0vd – New Year card

http://multator.ru/toon/0bpsban6gwot – New Year card (prince)

http://multator.ru/toon/huubanaoe7g0 – sea

http://multator.ru/toon/sbana6slsq4p – eat a Twix

http://multator.ru/toon/8fdt5banmwy2 – silence

http://multator.ru/toon/sxksubananw4 – smile

http://multator.ru/toon/krsk2ib1aa0a – girl is running away
I hope this time I won’t spend a whole week doodling. 

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