На нашей улочке

My second cartoon made in Anime Studio Pro. The background is the embroidery kit “Green Village” from the Korean company Dome. For some reason when translated into Russian it turned into “Green Street”. Lots of people have embroidered it. With this kit there was a tendency of introducing your own details: the street got new people, prams, dogs and even a family of goats.

I didn’t stitch it, I made a cartoon out of it instead. Here you can find all the characters from the original kit. The animation is made by moving the anchor points on the outlines of vector characters and parts of these characters. Of course, it would’ve been much better if I drew each frame separately, but I can’t draw that well.

The embroidered pictures the ladies at the table are looking at are the works of the stitchers from our forum and my “Pavel” is on the streetlamp in one of the scenes.

I’m really proud of the way the watermill turned out.

I think that’s all, here is it. Enjoy:

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