A Small Drill. Upgrading an Instrument.

To finish with the topic of instruments, I’ll show you what I bought for my drill. I bought a Dremel drill a long time ago when I just started playing with making dolls and having a drill was a requirement. I knew nothing about drills but had heard about Dremel, so I bought it.
I understood pretty soon that the system that holds the drill bit is a bit difficult for me. It was individual for each type and size of bits, so if I wanted to change the bit, I had to change the attaching knot.
Now I need to use it. So I bought an adapter that makes the attachment process much easier.
Кулачковая муфта
The bit holding adapter

The system here is the same as when using a standard drill – you attach the adapter to the drill and then rotate it, making its three lips hold bits tight or release them. 

Дремель со сверлом
The drill with a drill bit
I just had to immediately test it. The first victim was the drill bit box.
Самая первая дырка
The very first hole
And then I remembered that I have empty eggshells and started experimenting with them.
Продырявленное яйцо
An egg with a hole
These are 1mm holes and the elongated hole is my clumsy attempt at connecting two holes into a bigger one.
By the way, using eggs may be quite interesting. OK, I’ll think about it later.
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