Oil Painting

I managed to produce not just one but three paintings. I have realised my dream – went to a six-hour masterclass in oil painting. Not that I wanted to learn painting, but I was rather interested in using a new medium.
Первая картина маслом
My first work.

The first work is my favourite. I was full of energy and even had the willpower to repaint the mountains that were not particularly beautiful at first. Working with a palette knife was kind of scary at first, but I did it. I’m not parting with that work for sure! But the other two are going somewhere else.

Вторая картина маслом
The second work

I don’t like the second work as much because I wasn’t as motivated by the time I started it and didn’t work as diligently. That is especially obvious in the foreground. Frankly speaking, it is even worse than in the photo. 

Живописная мазня
A bright mess

The third masterpiece is executed in a free style. But that’s because I don’t like flowers. So I didn’t care much how it turns out. It turned out to be bright, unique, and in its own way, interesting. If you like extraterrestrial flowers.

And here are two of the photos I was working from.  

The original of the flowers


Kind of soiled original of the second painting


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