Happy Underdog

И я пошел по карнизу
“And I went along the ledge, face to the wall…”

There is a line in the play “Happy Underdog” –  “Счастливый неудачник” (in Russian the name has nothing to do with dogs, it’s just funny how it all worked out in English) performed in the theatre MOST where I have the honour of working: “The more I learn about people, the more I like dogs. They, for example, don’t walk on the ledges!”

I tried to imagine what it would look like if dogs did walk on the ledges. 

Инсталляция собака на карнизе
From the top.

I based my character on the dog Rex from a popular cartoon. Rex is sculpted from LaDoll with no understructure (how wasteful of me!). The wall, the base, and the flower box are made from foam ceiling panels, the flowers are from paper mache from Jovi. The curtain is a piece of silk.

This project demonstrated that when I have a clear understanding of what I want to create, actually doing it is easy. You just need to find time for it. And it’s interesting. Unless I come across a tough problem. In this case, I’ll have to

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