A Poppy Casket.

For a long time I had been cross stitching being sure that surface embroidery, including needlepainting is for the select ones. Until one day I came across a needlepainting masterclass by Mary Corbet (please visit her blog – needlenthread.com). That’s where it all started.
Семплер, вышитый гладью
A sampler of needlepainting

I found the idea of a collapsable casket in a magazine (I think it was ‘Inspirations’), downloaded poppy drawings and… understood that really all things are difficult before they are easy. (In Russian it is a bit different: “What the eyes fear, the hands do”.) Usually I’m really nervous when starting something new, especially using a new technique. But let me just start and there will be no stopping me.

So here is what I got:

Маки, вышитые гладью
Needlepainted poppies


Большой мак, вышитый гладью
The large needlepainted poppy


Шкатулка в сборе
Finished casket

On the inside the casket is lined with decoupaged fabric. The box contains a needle cushion made of felt. All the sides are collapsable and are decorated with an embroidery of three poppies.

On the whole the thing is not really practical but extremely decorative.

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