Eggshell Mammoth

One day several years ago I got ill. Just a cold. Nothing serious. But I couldn’t go outside and didn’t have anything to do at home. What can one do in this situation? You can make eggshell mosaics! I already had eggs but couldn’t force myself to start the project. So I could say that I was lucky to get ill in a way.
The drawing is the mammoth from “Syberia”, a great PC game. If you like quests and haven’t played it yet I highly recommend it. The mosaic is done on a piece of cardboard painted black. The eggshell comes from brown chicken and quail eggs.
Наломанная скорлупа
Broken up eggshell
The process is quite simple: you break the eggs, separate the shell from the film lining it and break the shell into same-sized but different shaped pieces. Then you pour some PVA glue on the base and arrange the pieces of the eggshell. It is rather monotonous and very calming.  
Работа над фоном
Filling in the background
This is that rare case when I know exactly how long it took me to finish something. While working on the project I was watching “Harper’s Island”. 13 episodes 40 minutes each which equals 8.6 hours. A day of work and here is the result: 
Фреска мамонта готова
Finished mammoth
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