An Afghan Crocheted in a Spiral

Let me give you an introduction. A long-long time ago when the Earth was still warm and populated by dinosaurs, I found a design for knitting a “kimono” (more like a short jacket with large sleeves) made up of squares. Each square consisted of four triangles that were knitted off the side of the previous one. Then you connect all these following instructions and get yourself a “kimono”. And I should have done it long ago. Because the afghan made using the scraps from this project is already here. And the “kimono” is not. 
Одеяло крючком по спирали

When I started crocheting I stumbled upon an old problem of mine: I am not a great crocheter and have a very poor understanding of what makes up the edge. And since in this blanket you have to constantly attach the rows to the previous piece I changed from a 3 mm hook to an 8 mm hook. It got much easier. 

I like how it turned out. It’s warm and light.  

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